Transformed Self Testimonials

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What our clients have to say about Transformed Self Courses

Gary Sutton

 Garry Stutton

Gary Sutton Speaks

I completed T S with Loz in early February. Not underestimating the inside work that I have previously done. T S opened that inner work and more to take my sense of self to another level... My struggles have been family and relationships to which I have gained further insight. Knowledge of the sources of shame that have continued through my life. It was shown the dominance of these core shames and the power they have had through my life from an infant up until now...

Working with Loz has given me the awareness and now the tools to carry on with the confidence that I don't have to drag the past into my future. The freedom to allow myself to dream and do.

Thanks, Loz

Its been a great experience for me

Gary Sutton



Summer Barclay

I feel like I have been away on some kind of awakening spiritual retreat for the past three weeks and it was only 4 days at the TS intensive suite in Melbourne Australia, and I have returned with a new brain. In summary, I feel as though Transformed Self has equipped me with the tools to conquer negative emotions and thought patterns that stand in my way which prevent me from being the best I can be. The TS gift of teaching is invaluable. Priceless.

Summer Barclay - 16th November 2010
Summer Barclay

Lady Caroline

I flew up from Bendigo and received the best gift I have ever given me Transformed Self ------THANK YOU LOZ

Lady Caroline of Bathurst.

Lady Caroline of Bathurst

Andrew Buxton

Dear Loz,

Thanks for another great experience. As I said, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I simply wouldn’t believe it was true. TS is the most magnificent course I have ever attended. Discovering and now simply being a 7 on the enneagram, it is essential that I publicize the poem I wrote over the weekend. In that way I can try and solicit some compliments from your network of punters, about being a really great poet.

Thank You for your wonderful commitment to me and in everyone I know you know.

Andrew Buxton
(Director - North East Province)

Andrew Roach

Since beginning work with Loz, and combining it with my Personal Trainer: Donna Aston of Toorak, I've lost over 40 kilos.

I used to comfort eat and now I talk about my emotion problems with Loz.

We cover the emotional issues in my life with deep and profound understanding.

I now have a strong sense of my spiritual self and this part of my being is much more of who I am.

I only say to people wanting to do something positive for themselves, go talk with Loz and you will be amazed with how you feel when you leave her nurturing room.

Andrew Roach


Asya Bin Mahfood

It was August of 2008 when my spiritual self guided me to Transformed Self. 

Transformed Self was the kick I needed to release the Chrysalis to enjoy the playful, colorful & beautiful butterfly inside me.

Even though my dearest friend was the one who planned to do it, it was me who was meant to be the lucky one to make it to Australia.

I had to trust my intuition to make it all the way from the Middle East to Australia after completing the Hoffman Process with HQP Teacher Loz Visser and the wonderful Hoffman team from Britain just a short time earlier. 

It was after doing the Hoffman Process that I could reach the core of me, and could touch the part, which always enabled me from experiencing the sense of full inner peace.

It was a challenge for me to surrender in order to go beyond my hesitation and walk through some old & tired negative feelings.

Transformed Self was successful in working & reinforcing me to face the blocks that kept me from feeling free & safe.

I appreciate my experience with Transformed Self and extremely grateful for the support & the understanding of my sincere TS group.

It was the mindful step I needed to take to embrace my essence, to reconcile & to enjoy the real me in the process of awareness & acceptance along the journey of my life!

Asya Bin Mahfood
(M.SpEd, Communication & Autism Therapist - Saudi Arabia)

Aubyn de Lisle

I did TS in Australia and then twice provided the venue for it in the UK, so I have had the privilege of benefitting from Loz’s skills myself, and observing her at work.

She draws on her depth and range of personal experience which contribute to her potent qualities of both vulnerability and power, her knowledge and training in conventional and shamanic therapeutic disciplines, and her connection with Existence at its various levels. The result is quite extraordinary.

With her ability to tap into different levels of awareness, her intelligence, intuition, humour, deep compassion and challenge when it is appropriate she helps you to open up to remove your blocks, get new awareness and insight on yourself, and an experience of wholeness and connection.

For myself, I surrendered to a deep sense of trust in myself as part of a timeless and nurturing reality. That Time thing was REALLY important and completely unexpected. The Whole. Whatever I do, however I or my circumstances change, I remain in touch with that Truth. For me, that’s freedom!

Aubyn de Lisle

Ben Shuckburgh

With Transformed Self, Loz Visser has created something of unique and exceptional power. I attended the first UK course in the spring of this year and was deeply moved and empowered by the experience. I have created, led and participated in workshops and programs for a number of years, and been lucky enough to work with many gifted facilitators but Loz is truly something special. She has drawn on her years of experience in many different fields and areas of personal growth and combined those experiences with her immensely insightful and intuitive ability to connect with clients very deeply to craft a beautiful and profoundly life changing course. I left the week feeling truly reborn and more alive than I have felt in a long time - ready to really live my life to the full and be my most empowered self. I'm deeply grateful and more than a little in awe of the inspiration that is Loz and TS. Thank you.

Ben Shuckburgh
(Supervising Teacher – Hoffman Quadrinity Process 2009)

Beverley Price

I completed TS in March 2009 at Quenby Hall in England. I am always a little suspect of testimonials written directly after an event such as this because the relief of unloading ones problems for a few days is therapeutic in itself and the long lasting benefits still remain to be seen.

Two years prior to TS, I had completed another course that had been brilliant at identifying my ‘issues’ and had enlightened me as to the reasons why I felt this way and reacted that way, but hadn’t actually given me the tools to know how to authentically and truly become the person I wanted to be. I still felt incredibly misunderstood and frustrated that though I had learnt that this perfect spiritual essence was there inside me, I hadn’t the faintest idea how to manifest her into my ‘real’ self. I felt as if I had been unraveled, but left with no instructions as to how to put myself back together again.

A friend had completed TS in Australia and strongly suggested that I try it. So, I booked onto the March 09 course. 

A couple of weeks following it, I wrote this: -

I would recommend ‘Transformed Self’ to anyone who feels misunderstood, lacking, not good enough or simply aimless. Loz is an amazing woman. Her depth of knowledge and understanding is remarkable. I’m only at the beginning of my journey and I have a lot of work to do but I know she’ll guide me.

On the first day of TS I told the group that I’d never understood the lyrics to ‘The Greatest Love of All’. 

I’m not claiming to be word perfect yet, but I’m no longer scared that singing it will make me cry.

Now, nearly 18 months later I can truly say that I think Loz saved my life. 

I remember that broken girl who laid bare her soul in the hope that someone would help put her back together and I feel incredible sadness. She is gone. I don’t grieve for her, but I love her deeply.

Over last past 18 months, my contentment and calm has augmented on a daily basis. My own self belief sometimes astounds me. I have no idea whether others always understand me, I simply don’t care whether they do or not! I AM JUST SO HAPPY.

My light shines so brightly that I know deep into my soul that I’m everything I ever dreamt of being and I just keep getting better and better and happier and happier. 

Learning to Love Yourself is The Greatest Love of All and Loz Visser is the very best person to teach you how to do it. 

From the bottom of my heart, Ms Divine. 

Thank You.

I love you.

Beverley Price
(Wales, UK)

Birgit Ziegler

Do you sometimes feel lost? And you actually don’t know why, or even have difficulties putting words on what causes you to be moody, over energetic or simply can’t find pleasure of life? Don’t enjoy your work or relationship?

I have personally worked with Loz Visser on a four days course in Melbourne, and learned how to put words on my sometimes frustration in particular when dealing with human behaviour. Loz has an excellent way of showing you back to your own self with great and simple strategies. From a course with Loz Visser and Transformed Self you will get to understand about facts and even better you get to open a closed door which maybe has been closed for many years. Transformed Self is a course I highly can recommend anyone.

Birgit Ziegler

Summer Barclay

I feel like I have been away on some kind of awakening spiritual retreat for the past three weeks and it was only 4 days at the TS intensive suite in Melbourne Australia, and I have returned with a new brain. In summary, I feel as though Transformed Self has equipped me with the tools to conquer negative emotions and thought patterns that stand in my way which prevent me from being the best I can be. The TS gift of teaching is invaluable. Priceless.

Summer Barclay - 16th November 2010
Summer Barclay

Branden Barber

I have known Loz for almost 20 years and I have seen her develop her skills as a counselor and life-leader and take them to a remarkable level that has been an enormous help to many.

Loz has been tremendously successful in creating a vehicle that allows her to help others achieve their potential.

Her commitment to the highest good and her dedication to helping others achieve that is a great gift.

She is an inspiration and a great force for good in the world.

We're most fortunate to have her on our side. I recommend her without reservation.

Branden Barber

Cam Butterss

Loz Visser and her gorgeous staff at TS are incredibly powerful, intuitive, inspirationally moving and her course TS is astonishingly worthwhile.

Loz Visser has created the most beautiful piece of work, my life is forever changed because of my work with Loz.

I recommend it without reservation

Cam Butterss
(Melbourne, Australia)

Catherine Harris

I did the first UK TS in March 2009 at Quenby Hall. At the time some things were working, but I was depressed and professionally I was hitting brick wall after brick wall. Being a perfectionist One on the enneagram, experiencing failure in the sphere I'd used to block everything out for years was excruciating. I felt so low and so negative that I couldn't tell the difference between my shame and who I really was any more - it didn't matter how much personal work I did, I just couldn't shift that. I had jokingly said to Loz a couple of years previously that if she ever brought TS to the UK I'd be up for trying it out and when the time came I decided I had nothing to lose. I knew from working with her before that Loz has an extraordinary gift for getting right to the heart of whatever is wrong, and although I knew very little about TS, I had a sense it was what I needed at that point.

Without spoiling the magic for those who might be considering doing it, Loz and Nicole led me to the edge of the cliff and told me there were no more excuses and it was up to me - I could choose to jump or stay stuck forever. With encouragement, love and a complete absence of judgment from twelve wonderful beings, I felt able to let go of the old stories at last and found not only that I really liked what was under there but that others did too. Grubbing around in the mud in a cathedral of oaks in such a fabulously ancient place, singing to myself, piecing together the archaeology, watching the wildlife and listening to the wind, I remembered who I am, feeling my roots deep in the earth. It was like waking up after being asleep for many years. And into the huge gap left by the shame I had released came a surge of happiness I have never experienced before, but which has been part of my life ever since. I felt good enough, possibly for the first time, and embraced my quirkiness instead of trying to hide it.

Loz said to me on the last day that she couldn't wait to see how I grew into myself in the months following TS. Within a few hours of returning home I was engaged and I married the great love of my life last October. My career, having changed course slightly, is now going from strength to strength. But the icing on the cake is that having felt for nearly all my life that I would never be able to have kids because I felt so defective, a year on I am now three months pregnant with my first baby and blissfully happy with my husband as we prepare for family life. And instead of feeling inadequate and that I have to get it perfect because otherwise the world will fall on my head, I am enjoying the fact that not being perfect means I can be grateful for what does work, and by being grateful I can be happy. My glass is no longer half empty, but at least half full!

Loz, thank you for keeping faith with me when everything else was crumbling and for never giving up on me. I am so grateful to you for being here and being you. 

With all love

Catherine Harris xxx
(Lawyer & Singer. Britain)


Testimonial 1 Year Before

I have just attended the first TS course in the UK and it has been a revelation. Quenby Hall was the perfect setting, comfortable and nurturing, steeped in British history and surrounded by ancient farmland and trees. Loz's gift for getting right to the core of issues, her unique insight into each person she encounters, her immense and varied human experience and her deep reverence for nature and the planet blend together in a masterful and gentle yet powerful workshop where deep healing is possible. I don't think I have ever felt this calm or this happy before, and problems that have blighted my entire life have become things I can laugh at and enjoy. I know who I really am, on a deep level, possibly for the first time, and have rekindled my connection with the earth in a way that nourishes me. I have a new excitement about life and cannot wait to see what happens as I begin to expand into myself. And the memories of the week the thirteen of us shared will endure for a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Loz, you're a genius!

Catherine Harris

Clare Flowers

"Loz Visser is an outstanding person and an extraordinary teacher, in the best sense of that word.

In the few days I was with her, she identified and enabled me to deal with issues that were central to my life but holding me back. I was able to offload a massive amount of baggage.

I'd spent 20-odd years in a state of constant exhaustion and had given up trying to find out why. But in the six weeks since the course, I've experienced a fantastic surge of energy.

Now it seems obvious that my ever present fatigue was due to the weight of the burden I carried and have now left behind.

I learned so much from Loz and my life has moved on dramatically as a result. The external changes < miraculous! < are, I'm sure, the outer reflection of an inner shift at a profound level.

I feel happier, more comfortable in my skin and fully engaged with life.

Words aren't enough, but thank you Loz.

Clare Flowers
(Journalist, London)

Damien Bonnet

I went to Transformed Self on the advice of a friend.

Transformed self and its healing structure within the course has been truly amazing for me personally and professionally.

I went through different experiences, a journey always ‘fresh’ and definitively sweet, you will discover sensitive parts of yourself.

The Transformed Self team is so well organized, the food delicious and a very healing week occurred for myself and the others that I was honored to be with as we all journeyed through all sorts of different and diverse issues - ultimately we all left feeling we hade a clear vision for our future and a very deep sense of self which was rich and beautiful.

All my gratitude to the TS team.

Damien Bonnet
( :: Singapore – France)

David Blair

Loz Visser is one of the smartest and warmest people I know.

Her emotional acuity has often taken my breath away. But what I love most is her deep compassion which has again and again been key in helping me on my path.

Loz sees right into my heart and soul - and because she is engaged from the depth of her heart with clear compassion, I instinctively trust her there.

It is this combination of acuity and trustworthiness at the deepest level that has made Loz such a powerful teacher and healer in my life, and such a wonderful friend.

David Blair
(Former Global Treasurer – Nokia)

Donna Lancaster

I have undertaken a lot of personal development work so had high expectations of TS...I even flew from the UK to experience it. My expectations were met...and some. What can I tell you?! I laughed, I cried, I shouted, I shared, I faced my deepest and darkest fears....and through it all...on the other side, I found what lay waiting was a deeper connection to myself and others, a new understanding, true forgiveness, excitement about and a new respect for - LIFE. And now I find the sunshine seems brighter, the birdsong sweeter, I am connected to my essence and my heart is fully open.....with all that that brings....I am truly grateful. I am alive. ALIVE!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Loz and the TS team.

Donna Lancaster
Hoffman Quadrinity Teacher - UK 2009

Elisabetta Franzoso

TS is a wonderful workshop/ retreat! I attended it with my husband in June 2008! I strognly believe it is a innovative and powerful tool for couples not only individuals. It helped me and Leonardo a lot to let go of another deep layer of 'shame' we unconsciously let run our life in couple and relationships at work.

TS lead me to my next level of growth. And kept me very much present ...'IN THE PRESENT', allowing my beautiful ESSENCE to come to surface and lead my life.... As a coach myself, I strongly recommend TS to all of you on a journey of self- discovery.

For people who have already attended other powerful workshops such as the Hoffman Process or Anthony Robbins or the Shadow Process or the Star Process, TS can be an extra major turning point in the process of gaining awareness, self-responibility and emotional freedom, moving on towards your dreams and vision!"

Elisabetta Franzoso
Communication Trainer and Coach

Gabby Dever

The Transformed Self programme was the next step in my healing journey. It made a massive difference working with Loz Visser, who truly understood  physic awareness and the importance of the elements. Being it here on this earth plane or on another dimension all together.

A spiritual awakening without all the over the top new age stuff of this century. It was real...It made sense. Gentle yet powerful and i am forever grateful for this experience.

I feel able to give myself a soft slap in the face when the mad drama queen wants to appear, the toxic self, the shadow. All of them have some seriously singed edges. 

I look forward to burning away more of the shame and letting that BIG light within, burn brighter.

Thank you Loz.

Gabby Dever x 

Gillian Pearl

"I met Loz seven years ago. What I learned from her in one short week has brought incredible awareness and understanding to my life. Loz is a great coach and listener and she is so full of compassion and understanding that you trust her immediately. She is also intuitive and clever and is able to help you decipher some of your behaviours that might have baffled you for years. Beyond helping you to understand, she can teach you what you need to know to change the things you don’t like, and make the most of the amazing gifts you have. Loz’s experience and abilities have helped me to take advantage of all the opportunities both in my personal and professional life, and have helped me to recognize and avoid the potholes."

Gillian Pearl works in Singapore with over 12 years of corporate experience across Asia Pacific, including Vice President of Wholesale Client Communications for ABN AMRO. She is currently working for Microsoft as their Regional Community Affairs Manager for Asia.

Grant Thomas

" 'Loz' as she is affectionately known at the St Kilda Football Club has made significant contributions with not only the staff and Coaches but also the playing Group. I have absolute faith in her confidentiality and professionalism in an environment filled with sensitivities. Her ability to focus on the key issue and causes has especially helped players to improve performances. "

Grant Thomas
Ex-Senior Coach - St Kilda Football Club

Greg Chalmers

My initial discussion and meeting with Loz was one of the greatest life experiences for me personally and professionally. I learned why I am built the way I am. I strongly believe this is something everybody should do. My confidence and motivation levels are now back on track after a slump in form. Thank you Loz!

Greg Chalmers
Australian PGA Champion 2011

Greg Foster

I met Loz about 2 years ago at a time when I was experiencing a sense of lost motivation and passion. On both a business, and personal level, Loz has given me the tools and self awareness to reconnect with the energy, drive and happiness that were missing. I highly recommend Loz to anyone who wants to create a vision for the future and chart a course to get there. For me this vision included richer relationships with family and friends, success in business, good health, surfing and skiing, performing music and overseas travel. Just writing that list down almost seems to be embarrassingly over the top, or boastful, but having said that, it’s a fact that all of these aspects play an an active part of my life now. For me, Loz has been fundamental in facillitating the shift from where I was two years ago to where I am today. 

Greg Foster - Director
Able Plastics and Leeton Packaging

Guillaume Lévy-Lambert

TS is about your future and the here and now, I recommend it without reservation.

Guillaume Lévy-Lambert
Non-Executive Director to Grow Media Barter Services Global

HannahBeth Stanley

Transformed Self provided a safe environment in which I could connect with my true essence and try out really being seen. Loz and Kerri are two of the most loving people I have ever met and it was truly a privilege to have them supporting me on my incredible journey.

Witnessing is a big part of TS and I got so much more than I expected from participating in this. There is something very connecting about being part of other group members processes. I could see parts of myself in everyone and experienced a great deal of empathy and love toward the group.

Completing TS has allowed me to come to terms with who I am in the world and understand that I do have a place here even though I often seem very different to others.

I experienced TS as a spiritual journey and yet it was explained in clear simple terms how we could take what we have gotten from the course back into our every day life for maximum benefit. I really liked the grounded feeling from the facilitators and the simplicity of the material.

In a nutshell TS helped me give myself the permission to be truly me for the first time since I was a child. I now feel confident in myself and happy to be the ‘odd one out’ with the huge grin on her face, starting conversations with strangers, dancing down the road and quietly giggling to herself  

HannahBeth Stanley
Contentment Coach

Ian Buchanan

In early 2000 following a near fatal motorcycle accident - my third - I attended an 8 day program in Melbourne: Loz was my personal coach and counsel during the program.

As someone who has had over 30 years in senior positions in business in the region I considered myself pretty resistant to change, and had not attended anything remotely as intense as this course before.

I am very pleased to be able to say that despite my resistance I did indeed make some fundamental changes as a direct result of the program, and of Loz’s personal style of intense engagement throughout the course, and in some subsequent one on one sessions together.

Loz - I wish you well with your new web-site!

Ian Buchanan
Regional Chairman of a leading US Management Consulting Firm

Jacquie Manning

The Transformed Self Workshop run by HQP Teacher Loz Visser has been the most beneficial course I have ever attended.

Loz has created a programme which is tailored to those of us who need to understand our past and deal with the present. She understands that to move forward we need to forgive, love and be grateful for the lessons we have learned. We need to dispose of negativity, hate and anger and find a way to turn those feelings around and use them in a grateful, positive way. In achieving that we become happier, healthier and well balanced human beings.

Loz and her team through Transformed Self have changed my life. The course runs for 4 days at a beautiful Retreat at Mt Macedon in Victoria. In my case it was 4 days of laughter, love, tears and total honesty with all the participants, forming friendships which will last forever. A small intimate group who are willing to be open and honest in an attempt to create a life long road map to improve their lives and the lives of those around to them.

Loz’s vision, dedication and understanding is exceptional, I have been truly privileged to be one of the participants and can highly recommend the Transformed Self Course to everyone from all walks of life.

Thank you for a wonderful, life changing experience.

Kindest regards
Jacquie Manning

Joan Anway

"It is extremely rare to meet a woman with Loz's dedication, especially when it is coupled with an almost uncanny ability to perceive exactly what the issues are which are preventing you from becoming all that you could become. Yet this is exactly what she is capable of doing - combining an astuteness which will leave you stunned with years of experience guiding people back to their true selves. Taking advantage of what she has to offer has allowed me to be more fully present to my life and has resulted in some of my greatest achievements - in both my personal AND my professional life."

Joan Anway is a US citizen with over 17 years investment banking experience in Asia Pacific, including as Managing Director of Dresdner Kleinwort Benson in Singapore and 7 years working for, and eventually running, WI Carr's Japanese equity sales team in Tokyo.


Dear Loz

I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful and wonderful guidance over our 3 day intensive. The insight I gained in terms of my childhood has been profound in understanding my life time of holding back and feeling numb. Within 3 days of returning from our time together my dad became gravely ill and my mum helpless. Despite the tragedy of the circumstances I found myself in the thick of it, capable of unreserved love and involved emotionally to an extent I would have run scared from before. The shift in my relationship with my parents has really been remarkable. Also my husband, who after 18 years was feeling a void created by my tendency to withdraw. Being able to open up and talk to him from my heart has started something fabulous for us both. Now as you know one of my totems of sorts from our workshop was the kokeshi doll. Before I left Melbourne I was very excited to find a somewhat unique vintage kokeshi and named her Lozi – see pic attached. She is my tribute to you and your gift that helped me transform. 


Karen xox

Kate Roach

Red blood boiled in every vein

Like the bright red flicker in every flame

Endless tears poured from my eyes

Because my entire life was built on lies

Over powered by my many fears

I kept deathly quiet for many years

All the secrets tore me up inside

With a twisted mind and both arms tied

One by one they took their turns

So one by one I buried their burns

I honestly believed it was all my fault

Every single, mind numbing assault

I had layers and layers and layers of shame

Felt I was the only one to blame

The concrete walls thick and high

Made even bigger with every lie

Then I met Loz a compassionate soul

And three years later TS was the goal

I finally released the layers of shame

And my hidden essence I did reclaim

At peace with myself and nature around

A happy little child is no longer bound

Thank you Loz for helping me see

What had been hidden for so

Kate Roach

Kim Felton

After working with Loz over the past seven years and having received great success with her, I knew when I hit a bump in my road that she was the person to help me through.

I was looking to improve myself in all aspects of my life (professionally, emotionally and mentally) but I wasn’t expecting the prevailing return that Loz’s Transfored Self course gave me. I experienced the most powerful and uplifting feeling that I have ever felt.

Loz helped me to see that my goals and dreams are all real and obtainable and I feel envigorated to go out and get them. With Loz’s guidance, I’ve secured my place as part of this earth and my essence (now that I have found it) will always be with me.

The thing I find most compelling about the TS course is that it applies to every person in every life situation no matter what their job or purpose. The basic tools Loz has provided me with will continue to steer me along a positive path in my career as a professional golfer.

Kim Felton
Top-ranked Australian Golfer

Libbi Gorr

Discreet, empathic!

An essential psychological ally for more adventurous spirits.

Libbi Gorr - "Elle McFeast"
Journalist, Entertainer and Damn Good Chick

Lucy Coates

TS, quite simply, allows you to become your true self in a whole, healthy and joyful way. It is a powerful and moving journey through the landscapes of your life, during which you acknowledge and let go of past shames and move forward to reclaim the future you want, need and deserve. What sets it apart from any other course in the world is that each participant is given this amazingly unique and individual attention. I cannot stress enough how unusual this is—nor how empowering it felt to be treated in this way. Loz Visser sees very deeply and clearly into the hearts of her clients—she has the piercing eye of an eagle shaman—and the skill to perceive and act on exactly what each participant in the course needs at the time they need it. The TS way is fluid and adaptable, never rigid or assuming that ‘one size fits all’. Each member of our small group helped in the healing of all the others, and, for me this witnessing was a gift of yet another incredibly powerful tool in understanding myself. By doing TS, finally (after many years on the path of personal growth), I have reached a place where I can be utterly me—and accept and rejoice in that fact wholeheartedly with both feet connected firmly to the earth. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Lucy Coates 

Mai-Lynn Elliott

Love...the moment of equilibrium when the light or consciousness is in balance with the shadow or those parts of ourselves that are denied,be they lead or gold.

When I can wake in the morning and truly embrace myself ,all my hatred, disgust ,betrayal, violence and fear, and hold myself with unconditional regard in that moment of completeness, I touch love.

Love embraces all, every part of self; the good the bad and the ugly. Love does not discriminate,...we do.

Love is powerful enough to hold all of who we are, but we, in our fear deny love, and love's ability to accept us right now in this moment in our entirety, in our completeness........ Many blessings on you " Love" for hanging in there with us ....of course that is what you will always do, because that is what you are.


Mai-Lynn Elliott

Mary Linden

Loz Visser’s wisdom, incisiveness and ability to understand what’s behind emotional pain are incredible. I was fortunate to spend a day with her and experienced her great compassion combined with her ability to challenge and push boundaries. Her observations and feedback as we worked together were frank and refreshing, building upon the great trust and respect I already held towards her. She drew out aspects of my personality that I have always managed to keep well hidden from others, the ones that have eaten away at me and exhausted me. Her work also led me to identifying a huge block that I have hid behind and used as an excuse for my entire adult life without realising it. I knew from that moment my life would never be the same. My old story is over thanks to Loz and her unique and amazing skills.

Mary Linden
Project Manager – London

Michael Hill Smith

The four day TS Program is powerful, insightful, searingly honest and extraordinarily rewarding.

Michael Hill Smith

Miss Vivienne

In the past 3 years I have had the privilege of working with Loz Visser (Loz) and have been a participant in several Transformed Self (T.S) workshops. In these years, and as a result of the T.S. workshops I can only say that I, and my life, have truly transformed.

Loz’s dedication, wisdom, patience and love have assisted me in achieving transformation and positive change that 8 years of previous therapy did not facilitate.

Loz, both as a counselor and facilitator, can only be described as a gentle genius. She works with clarity and insight, peeling away layers so one may come to experience wholeness and true self acceptance. Loz is also in possession of the finest bullshit detector I have ever encountered, nothing gets past her (and believe me, I tried!)

The power of T.S is undisputed in my life. On one course, I wrote down my dream of having a clothing boutique. I had no idea how this would eventuate. Three months later, it did. I am now the proud owner of a fashion boutique in Toorak, and I know my work on T.S contributed profoundly to this.

I consider it an honour and to have know and worked with Loz. She is a leading light in the field of therapy, meshing ancient knowledge with cutting edge theory, a profound and powerful alchemy that delivers real and lasting change, both without and within.

If T.S has come to your attention, or you are at this minute reading the brochure, or surfing the web site, consider this a blessing. Grab hold of this opportunity with both hands and prepare to fly. Your life, inside and out, will become richer and happier in way’s you had not even imagined.

Miss Vivienne

Nick Ashley

Twice in my life I have been screwed up, and twice I have been lucky enough to call on the services of Loz Visser. Using a mixture of ancient learning's , modern counseling techniques and a large dollop of cheeky chappie style Aussie humor, Loz has managed to help me first take myself on, sort myself out, and leave the course with a clear idea in my head of where to go and how. Loz and Kerri have introduced me to parts of myself that I didn't  even know existed, and having discovered them, I have found myself turbocharged with energy and drive, the feeling is difficult to describe, probably better to feel it yourself, "because your worth it"

Nick Ashley

Ramona Galardi

After 16 years of self improvement programmes & workshops, in Singapore, Australia, London and France where I learnt much, I changed, I forgave, I shed and I grew, I thought I had pretty much covered all the 'work that was out there'.

Last year in 2010 I reconnected with Loz with whom I had done the Hoffman Process 11 years prior, and I invited her to bring TS to the south of France. A few months later, we had our first group there in March 2011, a great sucess.

What I loved in Loz's TS, is that its straight from the heart, pure, and with integrity. Loz has created a very complete programme, which she delivers over 4 intenstive days, a vertical alignment of the whole being, grounded in the physical body, rooted into the earth, creative, sensual, reclaiming your personal power, through the heart, expressing your truth, awakening or further developing your intuition and creating a stronger link to the divine creator.

Shedding all the piles of garbage we have carried around all these years, with layers of false beliefs. The highlight for me was that I was able to reclaim a part of my soul which had split off during traumas I had undergone in my life. Reclaiming, integrating, becoming whole, becoming one, with the God-essence inside ourselves, one with the creator, humbled by the bigger picture of our lives.

In love and gratitude to you Loz, for the enormous work you are doing, tirelessly, lovingly, crossing continenents to spread the work of a Lightworker respecting the indigenous nations and their teaching which you have inherited and share with us, with love and gratitude, dear Loz, espavo.

(I look forward to bringing TS to Goa, India next March 2012, anchoring light and creating new awareness into the land of my parents.)

Ramona Galardi

Robert Powell

I first met Loz about two years ago on another course i was attending. Whilst Loz was not personally working with me then I had reached a difficult sticking point at that moment. I "only" spent ten minutes with Loz then but it seemed like an eternity as she penetrated my bullshit and got down to ME. Like a gas that fills any volume of space Loz managed to fill those ten minutes and make it seem like hours had passed, in a good way of course. I turned a corner back then and deep down I knew we would cross paths again. Two years later I had reached another sticking point and was fortunate to work with Loz again. Again I had limited time and resources but Loz pulled out all the stops to make sure the limited time we had was well efficient and effective. Miss Visser is someone whom I would recommend without reservation if to anyone who wants to move forward but does not know how.

Robert Powell
United Kingdom

Rod Butterss

I have worked with Loz Visser professionally over 7 years in a range of highly sensitive and wide ranging issues relating to human behavior. Loz has a wonderful capacity to identify simplicity within complexity and develop simple and quick strategies to achieve desired outcomes both within elite high performance business and sport relationships.

Having developed a close working relationship with Loz I can recommend her as thoughtful, highly professional, full of new and interesting ideas and damn good value for money.

I am just reluctant to share her as her ability gives an organization such as a AFL football club the necessary edge to progress forward from the board room, playing group, coaches to boot strappers. A true forward thinker in all area's of psychological development.

Rod Butterss
Ex-President - St.Kilda Football Club

Shaun Richardson

Four or so years ago I worked with LOZ during the Hoffman process. WOW ………………what an incredibly gifted individual this Loz Visser is.

I had been keeping in touch with LOZ overtime, with the idea of working this amazing woman again at some stage. Many times I sniffed around the TS website, and would take great interest in the faces of individuals in photos, and general information on the program, without committing myself to the program until recently. 

I felt as though my mental, and physical state was in really quite good condition, and that I just needed a bit of a freshen up, or a kick start to thrust me into my next phase of my journey. 

Loz tailored a beautiful, soft, and gentle 2 day program to suit, in a lovely, warm, relaxing environment in Melbourne . I am really not surprised at what LOZ was able to achieve in such a small timeframe, let it be said “ you are an absolute gun LOZ”.

Clear, calm, awake, gentle, relaxed, and centered. 

Yet another amazing experience with this truly gifted woman. 

Salt of the earth 

TS, … thanks for the great coffee, and culture experience, offset from TS itself.

Brilliant mate.

Love to you LOZ 

Shaun Richardson

Stephanie Babare

I have known and worked with Loz for about 11 years, culminating in my participation in Transformed Self. TS is an elegant and sophisticated journey of self discovery without pretension. It gets to the heart of the matter with love, compassion and a wicked sense of humor. 

TS has allowed me to develop a deep and accepting relationship with myself and has taught me to trust my instincts. I have finally made the breakthrough I needed to move me from feeling fearful, trapped and in a frustrating state of inertia, to understanding my life purpose and having a clear vision for my very exciting future.

Loz and the TS team are pioneers in the field of personal growth and will change the world, one person at a time! 

Stephanie Babare 
Client Services Manager - Alexander Mann Solutions


I did TS a number of years ago; I actually can't remember the exact year at the moment, as it feels like so much has happened since completing the course. I just know I have been meaning to write Loz a testimonial for such a long time, but kept being distracted by all the good things going on in my life.

My life has done a serious 90 degree turnaround. I have been able to bring two beautiful babies into the world, something I desperately wanted but was too afraid to do carrying all the baggage of my past, combined with the fear that I was unable to be a good mother.

I am now married to an amazing man who treats me with gentle love and respect, and has allowed me to find myself and believe in my worth and goodness. We have a joyous life together, with this beautiful family we have created. I know I am still not "perfect" and that this journey I am on will continue to challenge me at times, but I feel as though I am a different person inside, thanks to Loz and her belief in me.

TS is a life changing experience, and the passion and care that Loz has is awe inspiring. So to you, Loz, thank you again for everything you've done to help me become who I am now. To anyone considering doing TS, give yourself the chance to experience something profound and enlightening. Give yourself the permission to understand yourself better and let yourself have the life you want, instead of just dreaming about it.


Wayne Smith

I have had the good fortune to use Loz’s unique skills to improve the performance and lives of some the players I manage. She has an ability to assess the individual and build a trusting relationship very quickly. Once she formulates a plan for each person the results are quickly obvious and long lasting.

I have learnt so much from Loz about life and understanding people. I would recommend her unique talents to anyone looking to better themselves in whatever part of their life may be challenging them. 

Wayne Smith
VAULT Sports Management

Managing Director

Zoe Tyron

In these times when the human species is facing its greatest crisis's on many levels we have no time as individuals or as a collective not to be the greatest and most effective that we can be. Loz Visser and the TS course, are nothing short of miraculous in instigating deep and profound personal transformation, allowing each of us to be the very best we can be.

Loz's gift of x-ray vision into the machinations of ones being combined with her her boundless love and compassion filled me with trust and courage to face and let go of anything that has prevented me from living and walking my dreams and visions.

The beautiful rituals given to TS by local aboriginal people, were profoundly moving and have deepened my resolve and commitment to indigenous peoples and our precious earth.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Loz, and I look forward to using the TS principles in my life, I cant wait to see what unfolds!

Zoe Tyron
From England and The Amazon Jungle

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